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Video & Photography Services

Graffiti Street, Melbourne

BakPak Artists is a Perth-based video & photography business, owned and Directed by Atilla Bak.

Under the creative and technical direction of Atilla, BakPak Artists assemble a dedicated team of freelancers to suit each client’s vision. We specialise in content acquisition for media buyers, public relations and advertising agencies, and international broadcasters. Drawing on our extensive and cutting edge industry knowledge and experience, we work with our clients to produce world-class creative solutions any where in the world.




BakPak Artists creates professional content for corporate video marketing, commercial media and live events.

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BakPak Artists provides quality photography production services to accompany any video shoot project for our clients.

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We work with some of world's most engaging companies



Our creative approach is built on solid foundations of extensive technical training in both composition and light. Based in Perth, Australia, BakPak Artists has extensive national and international experience and prides itself in creating original and outstanding visual works.


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Our team use the latest, high-end digital cameras, software and photographic equipment to assure our clients of the highest quality finished photos and products. We've gathered a handful of commercial and behind-the-scenes photos for your viewing pleasure.


Meet Atilla


Atilla Bak is a visionary and creative technician, the Director and owner of BakPak Artists.

As a travelling Camera Operator and Editor, he has over fifteen years of experience in Australian and international media and commercial productions. His projects range from corporate videos and documentaries, live entertainment & television to news and current affairs.

Atilla’s broad portfolio also includes TV commercials and short films, notably Australian award winning stop motion short film Ransis & Alee.


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